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Forex Trading Made E Z

Forex Trading Made E Z is a study course and trading system from George C. Smith. The course comes in the form on an ebook and 12 videos, which aim to show you exactly how George trades the Forex markets.

The Forex Trading Made E Z comes with weekly videos of George making successful trades using his system. The first 5 chapters of the ebook can be downloaded for free from the website.

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Bird Watching in Lion Country

Bird Watching in Lion Country is an informational product from vetern Forex trader Dirk du Toit. Dirk does not promise that Forex trading will be easy - hence the reference to Lion country. Instead he offers to guide you through the minefield.

Dirk's ebook is both a course in Forex, a trading system and an insight into Forex trading and the pitfalls to avoid. He aims to impart the reader with knowledge to make their own decisions about Forex systems.

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Forex Trading Machine

Forex Trading Machine is a 180 page e-book from Avi Frister. The ebook consists of 3 Forex trading systems, using the Price Driven Forex Trading (PDFT) method. They are the Forex Cash Cow strategy, the Forex Runner strategy and the Flip & Go strategy.

Bundles with the Forex Trading Machine ebook are 9 videos and 2 bonus ebooks.

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10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder

10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder is an information package from Dean Saunders consisting of 2 trading systems in ebook form. The systems do not involve day trading, but instead concentrate on spending 10 minutes per day identifying sure-fire trades.

The package includes "Getting Started In Forex" video tutorials which cover opening an account and getting to know the charting software.

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Master Trader

Master Trader is a 100 page ebook from professional trader and trading coach Jens Clever on the subject of stock trading. The majority of the ebook covers Day Trading Strategies, but trade management, psychology and other subjects are also covered.

The Master Trader package includes a large amount of bonuses - 11 ebooks in total.

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5EMAS Forex Trading System

The 5EMAS Forex Trading System is an ebook from Adam Burgoyne that claims to reveal the secrets to prediting movement in the Forex market. Depending on the exit strategy used, the system claims to generate monthly returns of between 30% and 55%.

Bundled with the package are a large amount of bonus ebooks (7) covering a variety of Forex and money making topics, and an Expert Adviser.

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The Blade Forex Strategies

The Blade Forex Strategies, otherwise known as Forex Success Secrets, is an ebook from Dean Saunders containing information on 3 Forex systems : the 4H breakout system, the Divergence System and the M5 Scalping System.

The Blade Forex Strategies package comes with a bonus ebook entitled 'Easy News Trader', which is a news trading system.

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Forex Armageddon

Forex Armageddon is a forex trading system from Forex Trading Manuals. The system comes in ebook form and claims to teach readers the best exit strategy, tactics to take advantage of both rising and falling prices and a simple formula for entering any currency pair market.

The Forex Armageddon webpage also has a signup for for their free newsletter.

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