Why has Shaquille O’Neal been investing in penny stocks?


Looks like NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal is making waves not only in basketball but also in penny stocks investment.

That’s right. The 43-year old ex-basketball player is currently investing in penny stocks despite already having an estimated net worth of $250 million. After all, he can do without additional profits.

Which is why he is asked about his reasons on CNBC‘s “Closing Bell.”

His response?

You wanna know why … I’ll tell you why,” O’Neal replied with a happy smile, then called over stock broker Peter Tuchman – who happens to be New York Stock Exchange’s most photographed person. The big guy then put his arm around Tuchman’s shoulders and added, “Peter is smart. So when I’m at home and I got my suit on, I wanna feel like Peter when I’m messing with my penny stocks.

As if that admission isn’t enough, Shaq then surprisingly plants sweet kisses on top of the trader’s head, declaring, “”I wanna be like you Peter!

Tuchman, the good sport that he was, didn’t mind the public display of affection at all. In fact, he even gave 7-foot-1-inch O’Neal a high five.

While Shaq admitted that he lets his “guy,” presumably a more experienced trader, handle his larger investments, Tuchman still highly approved of the ex-basketball player’s stock strategy.

Now isn’t that a good example of a bromance or what?

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