The top 5 sports to trade on with Betfair

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Cricket, golf, horse racing, basketball and soccer are the best sports to trade on. These sports are easy to understand and their latest odds are available in different trusted sportsbookies, so placing your bets isn’t that difficult.

If you want to increase your chances of winning lots of cash, take advantage of this useful guide as I will give you essential tips on Betfair trading for each aforementioned sport.

Ready to double your money? If yes, then study the following tips and tricks now.


Let’s start with your favorite sport—cricket! I have prepared a list of general rules you need to follow when trading a bet on cricket. After reading this, I assure you that you will be enlightened with many things about the cricket trade.

General Rules to follow:

You should know the cricket players, their skills-sets, ideal formats and conditions

Before placing your bets, make sure that you really know those players and their chosen conditions and formats. Yes, several players like Stuart Broad, Chris Gayle, Jacques Kallis can perform across all formats but most of them become best in their game for specific ideal conditions and formats. Not all players can do well in all conditions; only the very best can!

Of course, players from India are really good on Indian pitches, but when they tour England or Australia, their performance is somewhat below their capacity, only because of different condition experienced by the player. Same with the English players, they are not on their best while playing on subcontinent pitches. Do you see the impact of conditions and formats on the players? So you really have to know and study your players.

You should learn how a pitch will play

Reading the pitch conditions is one of the keys of successful trading. Notably, the pace of the pitch, how much help it gives the bowlers and how quickly it declines would place a great impact not only on the outcome of a game or an innings total but also on the players themselves.

You have to know whether the pitch will favor the batsmen or bowlers and which type will be used; you also take note of how the pitch will be playing later in the day or in the Test matches and what the run-rate will be in both the short-term and over the course of the innings and match.

You need to consider the effect of the weather

Not only the overhead conditions will determine whether there is a match or not, but also the weather.

Remember, if it’s a cloudy day, swing bowlers will enjoy a marked advantage and batting totals are possible to be significantly lower than average. If it’s sunny, the bowlers who are much faster only needs a little assistance, giving the batsman an advantage. But it’s important to take note that constant sunshine can possibly bake and break up the pitch, this time giving the spinners an advantage later in the game.

During a bad weather, a complex formula called the Duckworth Lewis method is utilized to reset batting totals. This may have a great impact on the game winner market and requires monitoring.

You should study stats and previous results at each ground

Before you trade your bet on any match, make sure to check out the previous results at the ground by using a tool like Stats Guru on ESPN Cricinfo. Past trends at each ground will provide you essential clues regarding match winner, pitch characteristics, innings totals and run-rate.


You must follow the money

Horse racing prices move where the money dictates. You have to take note that if there is a big amount on the lay side, the price is likely to get higher; and if there’s a significant amount on the back side of the book, the price will get lower. The trick is to watch for the buildup of these positions and dip in ahead of them, then ride the price movement to a couple of good earnings.

You should look out for “Gaps” in the market.

Exploiting “gaps” may still be a very lucrative addition to any betting system. You just need to look out for the two empty price increases. This is easier to do using the “Ladder” interface view on Gruss or Bet Angel.

You have to speculate on large price movements

This tip is usually for Irish racing, where there is lower liquidity. What do I mean by that? It means price movements are far more evident. This tip includes looking for huge gaps in the market, checking out where money has been taken and placing your bet accordingly.

If you’re afraid of losing much money, try matched betting for zero risk. Matched betting is one alternative way for sports betting costumers to earn money. This kind of betting is a way of squeezing out the many free bets offered by the bookies. Aside from matched betting, you can also use the calculator at freebetcalc for calculating the odds.


You have to take note of the starting lineup

Make sure that those star players are part of the starting lineup, because it could be worse if you gamble too early only to realize that a star player is out on injury.

You must look for “value” bets

Bookmakers are amazingly good at what they do; yet, frequently, they’ll have posted a weak line when there are a lot of games on the board. If you find one, play it. Another thing to remember, you don’t have to bet every game. Don’t worry, you still can choose opportunities to your advantage.

You should also consider betting the moneyline

When you’re playing “short” underdogs and the line is +1, +2 or +3, opt to bet on the moneyline instead. Through this, you won’t need the points to cover the spread, and you can increase your winning percentage.

You must observe closely the turnovers and points scored in the paint

A high turnover percentage normally means a gain for you when betting against the spread. So, observe closely the turnovers and points scored before you place your bets.


You should do some homework before a golf tournament

Take note of the important things before you place your bets. Make sure that you know the player’s form, his record on course and the quality of opposition. These will help you win the golf trading.

You must look for value in the pricing

Do you think a player is overpriced? If yes, then you need to make 4 or 5 picks at varying odds. Considering the value of the player will give you successful trades on the Betfair markets.

Aside from that, you have to take note that a field in golf can be 120 players or more, so there are a lot of choices. The great thing about trading golf is your pick or picks don’t have to win; you can trade them when the price has moved in your favor to secure a profit.

You should keep your stakes relatively small

Keep your wagers relatively small while you get used to trading. Don’t trade more than £10 because it’s a little risky. With long consecutive practices, you’ll surely become a more experienced Betfair golf trader and soon, you can boost your bankroll.


You should use the Bookmakers Odds

You can go to an odds comparison site and look at the bookmakers odds for the game. There are various bookmakers in the net; all you need to do is to check them out. Just don’t forget to compare the bookmakers odds. One might offer the same price, but in general, the price is a little lower on some bookmakers. Be smart on checking!

You have to use the Team Sheets

Be on top of the team news yourself and see the lineup of the team you’re placing your bet on. Don’t worry, there are plenty of social media outlets and websites where you’ll find the starting line ups once they come out. With this, you can be updated so as to double your chance of winning.

However, you can also anticipate this a little as well. Before team news comes out, consider if a manager might be resting some players or will play a weaker. If you think a manager may name a declining team, lay them before the team news comes out. When your hunch is correct, you’ll be able to back them back at a bigger price before the kickoff.


Enough of those tricks and tips! I know that what I have given you is already beneficial to you. I just hope that you’re going to increase your winning percentage by faithfully using this guide.

Well, if you really want to trade on sports, the best one that you have to try is the cricket trading. Aside from it is one of the most well-known games, it can also provide you a good source of income. Surely, cricket betting is a good choice for you because it offers a plethora of wagering options. In cricket, you are certainly given opportunities to trade on much more than simple wins and losses. So, what are you waiting for? Try the cricket trading on Betfair now!

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